Families present their own unique snapshot of our society. Multiple generations are intimately connected by family bonds while sharing different life experiences. It is this make-up that makes it so important to engage an entire family in Meaningful Conversations from the beginning. Conversations that give us an opportunity to share wisdom, deepen connection and foster shared appreciation. Conversations with family, framily and those we hold dear.

Each generation stands on the shoulders of the ones prior and inherits the family foundation built by those before. For many families, the substance of this foundation goes unspoken.

Today’s climate is characterized by uncertainty. The generational transfer of wisdom is crucial. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that our lives, communities, countries and world will undergo changes in the coming months and years. There is an opportunity to engage all generations represented in a family to bring their wisdom, life experience and perspectives together.

Each generation has unique insight about how they have handled adversity in the past and how to look forward into the future. This transfer of knowledge gives the younger generations an opportunity to integrate and build on these insights and the family legacy.

We are being bonded by our shared experience of the present while we face similar challenges. Now is the perfect time to create a new opportunity for a family to connect.

Take some time to be a Virtual Bridge Builder! Set up weekly or monthly virtual meet-ups (call, FaceTime, Zoom etc.) with a family member you wish you spent more time connecting with or wish you knew better.

Dr. Carolyn Friend recognizes intentionality is the key to managing personal, professional issues and the complex issues families encounter. Dr. Friend is the co-founder of IW. She welcomes your questions and comments at dr.cfriend@inheritingwisdom.com.