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Lido Family Office Investment Symposium

Date: March 27 – 29, 2017

What:  Join Inheriting Wisdom at the 12th Annual Family Office Investment Symposium.  This highly acclaimed two and a half day Investment Symposium serves as a platform for Family Offices to discuss their challenges, their success stories, and how to continue their legacy — while also providing ample opportunity for family office attendees to discuss the investment outlook for 2017.

Where: Santa Monica, CA

afhe Annual Conference

Date: April 26 – 28, 2017

What:  Join Inheriting Wisdom at afhe’s Annual Conference and Membership Meeting

Where:  Miami, FL

PDFB (Psychodynamics of Family Business) Retreat 23

Date: April 28 – 30

What:  Money, Power and Gender in Our Work with Business Families

We move in a complex and complicated world as we work with our client families. Money, power, gender and the boundaries around each challenge us. These “Big Three” define that world. As we work with these families, we are faced with choices about how we define and move within that space.

Participation in PDFB events is by invitation only.

Where:  Evanston, IL


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