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Category: EVENTIMN Conference - Dana Point, CA


Category: EVENTIMN Conference - Dana Point, CA

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The 4th Annual IMN Conference

Date: May 15-16, 2018

What: Jamie Weiner will be presenting on: In a World of Giants: Do I want to accept the Baton? How do you know if the rising generation is ready to take over the baton?  This top-down question raises their concerns.  But what of the concerns of the rising generation?

Dr. Jamie Weiner will talk about their struggles as emerging adults to feel ready. We are a culture without any clear “rites of passage.” There is no moment of proof to demonstrate readiness. The rising generation struggles with their vision of mastery—their identity.  Regardless of their age they live in a land of giants, in the shadow of their elders.  Elders hesitate.  Everyone is frozen. Learn how to crack the ice. 


LIDO Consulting, Inc. 13th Annual Family Office Investment Symposium – Santa Monica, CA

Date: February 26th-28th

What: Tuesday, February 27th  Family Office FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Have one! Want one! What really is a family office? Is it merely a structure to manage the complexities of one’s wealth? What about the “family?” Does a family office serve to help multi-generations be purposeful? The questions is “What are you missing out on in how you think about your family office or the one you want to start?” Dr. Carolyn Friend will discuss tools that you can use to help you sort through these questions and information at the annual Family Office Investment Symposium, put on by LIDO Consulting, Inc. She will be speaking and providing insight on the Family Office. Specifically, she’ll be delving in the topic FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), as it relates to Family Offices.
LIDO Consulting, Inc. coins their annual Family Office Investment Symposiums as “an opportunity to invest in your future,” providing attendees with an opportunity to explore a wide range of investment vehicles that are gaining traction among significant family offices and provides you with concrete investment ideas that you may wish to consider as part of your own portfolio for the year. This year they are exploring the theme of “Global Forecast in the Age of Disruptive Technology.”
Please join us and register for the symposium here https://fois2018.weebly.com/fees.html

Family Firm Institute (FFI) Global Board Meeting – London, UK

Date: February 16th-18th

What: Dr. Weiner sits on the Board of Directors for Family Firm Institute, and he and other members will convene in London for their Global Board meeting; discussing where they stand in the three strategic goals of education, research, and public awareness. In addition, they will review two reports. One of those reports is the April 2016 Tagoras report, which has guided FFI’s GEN efforts for the past 18 months. The other report is from Advontemedia which has guided their efforts with FFI Practioner.

FFI Practitioner is owned and published by the Family Firm Institute, whose mission is to be the most influential global network of thought-leaders in the field of family enterprise, providing research-based learning and relevant tools for advisors and consultants, academics and family enterprise members to drive success. Dr. Weiner is the Co-Chair of the committee for the FFI Practioner.

The GEN 503 course is one of FFI’s most popular and useful courses that they provide. The name of the course is “Tools for Positive Change in Family Business Systems: Analysis and application”, and the whole board has the opportunity to take the course at the Board Meeting in London. We encourage you to explore the course and register to take it here  https://www.ffigen.org/pages/advanced-certificate-program !

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