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Multidisciplinary Case Study

Date: July 11th

What: This case study is an opportunity to network, learn and share. We are gathering trusted advisors from different professions to discuss, over lunch, a case study of a high net worth family. With the rapid pace of business, there is seldom time to dialog with other professionals. As families are getting larger, the financial, family dynamics and philanthropic issues are more complex.

Thoughtful ideas and sharing is the goal. “Can I borrow that idea?” was the response of an attorney, in Los Angeles, during a case study. The philanthropic advisor had offered a solution to a complex issue.

Purposeful Planning Institute’s 8th Annual Rendezvous Event

Date: July 25th-July 27th

What: Purposeful Planning Institute will be hosting their 8th annual Rendezvous event. Rendezvous is the premier event that brings together professionals representing more than 20 disciplines for collaborative dialogue, keynotes, and breakout sessions centered on family dynamics, governance, collaboration, philanthropy and personal development and growth. Rendezvous provides a home for professionals who are redefining the roles of advisory and consulting services by providing holistic services which address the needs of clients and their families. This year, alongside Joanne Stern, Dr. James Weiner will be giving a presentation titled, In a World of Giants: Redefining Rites of Passage.

Emerging adults, raised in the shadow of giants, struggle to actualize their own vision of mastery— their identity. The challenge for young people is to develop confidence, demonstrate value to their families, and establish themselves as successful. Historically, cultures utilized “rites of passage” as a potent way for offspring to demonstrate their prowess. In this interactive workshop, Drs. Jamie Weiner and Joanne Stern explore new and more relevant “rites of passage” and the role of advisors in creating a space for the rising generation to emerge and keep their own course while establishing a mature, respectful connection with their elders.

Join us and register for the event here: http://purposefulplanninginstitute.com/annual-fusion-rendezvous/

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